All you need to know about the world test championship and how it works?

All you need to know about the world test championship and how it works?

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World Test Championship Schedule And Format

Modelled on the several T-20 leagues played around the World, this tournament will look to breathe life to a format widely touted as dying. The ICC Test Championship will add importance to every test match played between 2019 and 2021, dead rubbers included. 9 teams will face off in 27 series. All 9 teams will not play against each other, the teams can decide their opponents but will have to play both home and away. Each series must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 test matches between the contesting nations.

Each series will hold 120 points in balance and is divided according to the number of matches in the series. If the series is a two-match series, the points are divided as 60 for a win, 20 for a draw and 30 for a tie. Similarly for a five-match series, the points are divided as 24 for a win, 8 for a draw and 12 for a tie. The top 2 teams at the end of the cycle face off in a final from June 10-14, 2021. If the final ends as a draw, the trophy is shared. Some new rules made for the tournament are:-

  • For slow over rates, two points will be deducted for every over behind schedule.
  • If a match is abandoned, it ends as a draw. However, if the pitch or outfield is deemed unfit, the home team will be penalised and the away team will get full points.
  • Concussion substitutes can act as a like-for-like replacement if a player is medically certified to be suffering with a concussion. The match referee has to approve the replacement and the player suffering from concussion cannot take any further part in the match.
  • Players will wear their name and number on the back of their jerseys.
  • DRS is mandatory for all matches.

The teams participating in world test championship are:






New Zealand

South Africa

Sri Lanka

West Indies

As of the time of writing, world test championship schedule are:

  • England vs Australia (5 tests)
  • Sri Lanka vs New Zealand (2 tests)
  • West Indies vs India (2 tests)
  • India vs South Africa (3 tests)
  • Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (2 tests)
  • Australia vs Pakistan (2 tests)
  • India vs Bangladesh (2 tests)
  • Australia vs New Zealand (3 tests)
  • South Africa vs England (4 tests)
  • Pakistan vs Bangladesh (2 tests)
  • Bangladesh vs Australia (2 tests)
  • New Zealand vs India (2 tests)
  • Sri Lanka vs England (3 tests)
  • England vs West Indies (3 tests)
  • England vs Pakistan (3 tests)
  • Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh (2 tests)
  • West Indies vs South Africa (2 tests)
  • Bangladesh vs New Zealand (2 tests)
  • Australia vs India (4 tests)
  • New Zealand vs West Indies (3 tests)
  • New Zealand vs Pakistan (2 tests)
  • Bangladesh vs West Indies (3 tests)
  • India vs England (5 tests)
  • Pakistan vs South Africa (2 tests)
  • South Africa vs Sri Lanka (2 tests)
  • South Africa vs Australia (3 tests)
  • West Indies vs Sri Lanka (2 tests)

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