Healthy Habits To Swear By- Tips From Olympic Athletes

Healthy Habits To Swear By- Tips From Olympic Athletes

Fitness and working out is something that a lot of us would like to do. But, somehow most of us fail to get into that workout routine. We slip up our diet to the chocolate cake or give up our health for that delicious samosa. Yet, one must realise that is not the end for our quest towards a healthy lifestyle.

In our journey to find the best routines to keep us healthy and fit, but without the brutal work out routines and diet plans, we listed down some of the best health routines given by Olympic athletes- and the best part? They do not involve going to the gym.

Nutrients are the Key- Novak Djokovic

The legendary tennis player, and 15 times Grand slams winner, Novak Djokovic swears by a healthy meal filled with nutrients. His routine is very specific and it helps him keep himself with healthy and disciplined. His routine includes- a large cup of room temperature water; two tablespoons of honey; and a nutrient-rich breakfast comprised of muesli or oatmeal, nuts, seeds, fruit, coconut oil, and non-dairy milk or coconut water.

Novak also advocates that breakfast must not be skipped in any case. He believes that breakfast is the most important meal, and no matter what the rush is- eat your breakfast to lead a stress-free and healthy life.

This full filling diet is the perfect way to start the day. It is full of nutrients and talks about the most important part of life- to keep oneself hydrated. This healthy routine cannot go wrong.

Novak Djokovic

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Sleep Is The Way Forward- Micheal Phelps

Many fitness enthusiasts and gym freaks live by the ideology of working out day in and day out. They believe in tiring themselves out till they get the perfect body shape. This kind of behaviour can be detrimental to one’s health.

While Micheal Phelps has a special chamber that facilitates his sleep (which we certainly can’t afford), we too can make our own cosy area to go into a deep slumber.

Keep your room cool and dark. Lay down with our your phone on the side and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Sleep heals both your mind and your body. This keeps your body healthy and your mind sane.

Micheal Phelps

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Wake Up Early  And Make Your Bed- Simone Biles

Thus gutsy little gymnast has won over everyone’s’ heart after her brilliant performance in the Olympic. For her, the best way to start off the day is by waking up early. She believes that waking up early gives one so much of time, that one cannot help but be productive. Several studies have also proved that people who wake up early get more work done in comparison to people to wake up late.

Biles also advocated a very simple routine of making your own bed. She says that she learnt this habit when she was touring for her games. She says that this routine keeps the mind uncluttered. A simple act of making a bed can keep your mind fit and make you confident about getting things done.


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Keep Trying And Keep Failing- Katie Ledecky

This swimming star staunchly believes that one way to keep oneself in a routine is to keep trying and then failing. She says that till you fail you won’t know what’s going wrong. The more you fail, the more you will be motivated to try again and again, and the less likely you will be to give up your healthy routine.

This philosophy can be applied in all fields. So the next time you want to give up going to the gym or want to have that piece of yummy cake- then do it. Let yourself have the pleasure, fail at your goal so that you can get back up and try harder. The most important thing is to not give up trying.

These habits might not all be achievable- like Novak’s three-step meal, but they aren’t meant to be exactly replicated either. These are just a few healthy guidelines that famous successful Olympic athletes follow, that we can incorporate in our lives. These Olympic athletes have found their rhythm and they know what’s the best for them. Using their routines as a guideline we can curate our own modified routine which suits us the best.

The point isn’t to copy exactly what any of these elites do, but to develop a routine that prioritizes treating your body the best it can be. And because everyone is different, your ritual could be completely different, too.

 Olympic Athletes

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