Marathon Mania: Why Running A Marathon Should Be In Your Bucket List

Marathon Mania: Why Running A Marathon Should Be In Your Bucket List

Marathon is one of the most physically strenuous events that one can take part in. Yet, Marathon is also something which can leave you refreshed and energised to a whole other level. Completing a marathon is one of the most surreal and magical feelings, and the sense of achievement at the end of the line is indescribable. Marathon has gained a lot of popularity and many marathon events have cropped up all over the world. Yet, there are many people till date that find excuses to not take part in this exciting race.

While it is understandable that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are many reasons that a healthy and hearty person should at least one in their lives take part in a marathon.

Marathon running

We have listed down some reasons which will tell you why the pain and endurance are absolutely worth.

Why You Should Consider Running a Marathon

Taking part in a marathon involves actually pushing your limits and training every day. The marathon will allow you to stay motivated and push you to never skip training. This, in turn, will keep you healthy and will help you stick to a routine. After a point of time without realising this new routine will a part of your daily schedule. The marathon will be able to keep you motivated to not give up training.

Running in a marathon is a much bigger achievement than one can imagine. Many people have put it on their bucket list, but haven’t completed.

Running and training on a daily basis will help you strengthen your heart muscles, which will keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. It also helps in elevating your immune system which will keep the germs away. This way you will be sick less often


Marathon allows you to get into the best shape that you might possibly achieve. It helps tone your body and make your core muscles strong and more pronounced. By the time to cross the finish line in a marathon, you will realise that your body has never been in better shape than this.

Your sleeping will improve significantly. Running and training for a marathon really does take a toll on your body.  At the end of every training day, you will crave for good night sleep. You will be able to sleep more soundly and deeply, because of the exhaustion that your body is going through.

The best part about running in a marathon is that you don’t have to win. Your only goal is to finish the race as very few people are able to do that. Even by finishing the marathon event you can show off about what you have achieved. No one can take the title of finishing an entire marathon from you.

Marathon time goal

You will be able to set an example for your friends, family and acquaintances. Not everybody says that they finished or even took part in a marathon. You, on the other hand, can become a role model. Your journey can inspire people to take this up and look up to you with a new perspective.

You will get an amazing medal to add to your collection. The medal will not only be a piece of decoration but will also serve as a constant reminder that you have finished a marathon. It will also give you the motivation to keep following and chasing your dreams, as you can do anything that you set your heart to.

You can make so many new friends, especially if you join a marathon training group. Running is a great stress buster and then combine it with having like-minded people who are going through the same training and journey as you are. It will help you relate and make you even more

marathon new friends

Running in a marathon ignites a light in you that you never knew you had. You will have an onslaught of confidence asking over you. Once you have finished the marathon and crossed the endpoint you will feel as if you can conquer the world. This confidence will surely carry forward in your life in other areas like work and social life as well.

You will become an explorer of sorts. Marathon is a race that covers a lot of distance. Thus, while training you can find new places to run through and explore more and more avenues. Running and practising in the same place can make it monotonous, so to make it more fun and exciting it will be great to run around new places.

Marathon events are one of the most impairing sporting events. There are people from all walks of life that come to take part in this race. From celebrities to señor citizens to people with disabilities. All kinds of people come together and embrace this feeling of running in a marathon. There cannot be anything more motivating than seeing an 80-year-old race beside you with the same gusto that you have.


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You can have your cheat meals at the end of these long runs. While it is important that you don’t get too indulgent, but a little inducing won’t hurt. While training for these long runs, you will be burning 1000s of calories, and will definitely be hungry. So you can always have that small chocolate pastry and then start your training again.

You will learn new things. Experienced runners have their own lingo. While this might be alien to a novice marathon runner, it is really fun to hear experienced marathon goers using the lingo like it is their regular language. As you go to more marathons, your toll will be able to pick up more and more lingo and converse like the experienced runners.

Your legs will be tones as amazing. Weight loss is often the ultimate goal for a marathoner who are training. But, as you may realise this doesn’t always happen. However, what does happen is that your muscle mass increases, and you will have some nice looking legs that will be of everyone’s envy.

It is incredibly hard to actually train for it, and you are sure to have some rough patches where you will feel like giving up. But once you push yourself and actually do it, that feeling of accomplishment is undeniably amazing. All the pain and tears and sweat are all worth it once you cross that once elusive but now in sight finish line. You will instantly feel a sense of gratification and pride washing over your body.

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The experience will change you. I love this quote: “The person who starts a marathon is not the same person who finishes a marathon.” It’s true that the marathon will change you and you’ll be a different person when you finish the race. You will always be aware of the fact that you have the determination and the skills to finish a marathon. And very few people can say that.

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