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How Our World Cup Squad Fared in IPL 2019

The 15 member world cup squads were chosen on 15th April in the midst of the ongoing IPL 2019. Everyone was waiting with bated breath to find out who finally made the cut and who didn’t. Finally, as the squad was unveiled a sigh of both relief and confusion gripped the country. While most of the players were already a given, there were a few surprises that did cause some confusion. The selections did reiterate Indian Captain Kohli’s words that IPL 2019 will not have any impact on the selection.

The main confusion was caused when Dinesh Karthik, who has yet to perform well in the IPL 2019 matches was selected over Rishabh Pant as a substitute wicketkeeper. This has caused an uproar, especially since Pant’s performance in this IPL has been quite good. Even though he has made a few wickets keeping errors, his role as a batsman for the Delhi Capitals in IPL cricket matches has been a match-winning. The only reason for this choice could the experience that Karthik has over the volatile and inconsistent Pant.

The World Cup commences on 30th May, a few weeks after the IPL 2019 is over for the year. India will be playing its first match against mighty South Africa on 5th June.

Keeping in mind at the ongoing IPL, we will be looking at how the final 15 are faring currently in IPL 2019.

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Virat Kohli

Kohli’s performance can be easily said to be underwhelming. IPL 2019 saw this fearsome batsman retreat into a shell. Both he and his team RCB’s poor performance in the IPL matches has come under the radar. He started off his IPL

campaign with underwhelming performance- getting out for 6 or 3, but as the league continues there has been some improvement in his batting. In the recent IPL cricket matches, he has scored 84 off 49 balls, followed by 41 off 33 balls among the memorable ones. Yet, this is still not the Kohli that India wants to see in the World Cup.

Virat Kohli : 2019

Rohit Sharma

One of the key openers of team India, this batsman has still not really found his groove in this year’s IPL. In all of the matches played till date in IPL 2019, his highest score is 48 off 33 balls. This can come as a worry to India, who have placed a lot of trust in this flamboyant yet classy batsman.  

Rohit Sharma:2019

Jasprit Bumrah

This fast bowler has truly earned his place in the World Cup, due to his consistent performance in IPL 2019. His bowling has been pretty good, and he received the Man of The Match award against RCB for having exception bowling figures. He took three wickets, while only giving 20  runs in his four overs. He has been in an exceptional form in IPL 2019 till now, and India hopes he can carry that forward in their World Cup Journey.

Jashprit Bumrah:2019

Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep has been an expensive bowler in IPL 2019 till now. But, he has managed to take wickets  consistently and is a good death bowler. He has helped his team KKR keep their calm in the IPL matches and taken wickets at crucial times, to ensure victory in the IPL matches.

Kuldip Yadav : 2019

MS Dhoni

This Indian legend is right now in great form with respect to IPL 2019. He has led CSK brilliantly and has contributed greatly with the bat. He was conferred man of the match twice in the IPL  matches and has batted really well. He has also lived up to his tag of being a finisher and helped Chennai bag some impossible chases.

MS Dhoni : 2019

Hardik Pandya

Pandya is a needed allrounder in the Indian team. Currently in IPL 2019, on paper, his stats might be great, but during IPL matches he has proved his mantle with both the bowl and the bat. He is a great striker scoring 25 in just 8 balls against Csk and also taking 3 wickets in the same match.

Hardik Pandya : IPL 2019

Shikhar Dhawan

Dhawan’s IPL 2019 performance has been a little inconsistent and fluctuating. While in some matches he has scored above 40, and even 97, in others he has gotten out for a duck or a very low score. Maybe, as IPL 2019 progresses he will find his groove.

Shikhar Dhawan : IPL 2019

Kedar Jadhav

This young chap has not shown much in IPL 2019. His performances have mostly been not great at all, except once when he scored 58 off 54 balls. He will really have to pick up the pace in this IPL before the World Cup commences.

Kedar Jadhav : IPL 2019

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammad Shami

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has over time become a trusted bowler for the Indian Team. Yet in IPL 2019, he hasn’t really been taking wickets. He has managed to keep his economy level down, but he needs to get his wicket-taking abilities back to perform well in the World Cup.

Shami, on the other hand, has taken regular wickets in the IPL cricket matches but has failed to restrict the economy level. What he does in the World Cup is still up for debate.

Mohommad Shami : IPL 2019

KL Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja

IPL 2019 saw KL Rahul come back with a bang. With scoring a century and batting very well, he  has returned to his form and which is welcome news for the World Cup team. Jadeja, on the other hand, has not shown his fervour at all. His batting in the IPL matches can be best described as poor till now. His highest score in IPL 2019 has been 31 against KKR, which is not his potential at all.

KL Rahul : IPL 2019

Ravindra Jadeja : IPL 2019

Vijay Shankar

One of the most controversial decisions, Shankar has yet to play on the pitches on England. With respect to his IPL 2019 journey, he too hasn’t shown his true colours. This allrounder hasn’t been too successful with both the bowl or the bat. His highest run being 40 off 24 balls against KKR isn’t good enough.

Vijay Shankar : IPL 2019

Dinesh Karthik

Another controversial decision, Karthik has yet to charge up and fire his bat in IPL 2019. His runs in the IPL matches reflect a sad story. India will hope he gets better in as the league moves forward.

Dinesh Kartik: IPL 2019

Yuzvendra Chahal

A regular wicket-taker, he has once again proved his potential in IPL 2019. He has regularly taken  wickets in the matches and has led the RCB bowling attack efficiently. While his economy has been on the higher side, his wicket-taking abilities helped him secure a World Cup spot.

Yuzvendra Chahal : IPL 2019

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